So let me just put this out there for you to consider….

The moment where the energy was unleashed in me, it was after a phone call to an Oglala elder who didn’t realize it, but acted as a confessional agent in my trying to untangle some spiritual issues from my early adulthood (I wrote about these in the first few blog entries so I will save you…) After that I was walking on clouds with the most brilliant sense of relief I had felt in years. It then came as a distant sense of something on the wind, all around me. It was a grave-filled moment of remembering something, that I was part of something, a family of consciousness that had no end.  It was a singular moment, a return to the garden.  Three days later, it went away.  Then after this I had six months of widely dispersed symptoms, all attributable to kundalini, but only in the rearview.  Then, after a most unusual dream, I was driving down the highway when it came on.  It would go away, then it would come back if I focused on it.  Each time I focused on it, it got STRONGER.  Then, a few days later, I felt something moving up the core of my body in whip-like fashion as if there was a current that was pushing hard against something (perhaps my own unrealized mental resistance).

When this happened, it went straight up. All the way up.  It had dove into me, had taken me as its own. 24/7 I lived this, on fire, in heat, wondering how on earth I was going to manage this ongoing.

Then, I noticed that one feature of this energy was that it was going around clearing things in my energy. It seemed to begin down low and move upward. Piece by piece, this force went about its way cleaning up the wreckage of the past and making room for something to flow even more clearly through me.  Each time, I felt a bust of energy, a feeling of victory, joy, bliss, and then back to business by the next day.  It was business.  Kundalini was not to sit back and take a breather.  It was silent and uncompromising.  This has been going on for years and what I have now observed is that it has swept from root to crown only to go back through the same path but at a different vibration, at a different “depth” or layer.  It goes through and cleans each layer, moving in the way it wants to move (not always in a straight line, though, you see….it just seems to know what needs it next), and then will wind up in the same center, say the heart, only to remove another layer of material.  Different material. At each layer, I feel a sense of clearing.  In one such clearing, my heart center felt like it was the size of a basketball court. About that size.  Seriously.  And it felt empty. But a year later, I would find at another layer yet more material in the heart center that had brought so much pain earlier in the pain body episodes that were epic and most difficult.

So I think that the idea that kundalini rises to the crown as being the end-all is perhaps not entirely correct.  It can rise to the crown at one dimensional layer, only to make an an entirely new pathway to the crown through yet another layer.  This isn’t a race, we have the infinite before us, and as many lives as we need. If this world poisons the well, we will wind up somewhere near Arcturus or something taking up a comparable body or something.  Or wait outside of time for a new venue to develop. Wait a billion years if need be, it is all a subset of the infinite present, right?  I think so. So there is more than enough, no limit.  Endless realities and worlds and spirit travels to them in an instant. So as each rising takes place, it leads to still more risings.  Maybe, as my intuition is showing me just as I write this that the chakra chain is more like a series of layers somehow….with their own vibration and the energy rises to a point of realization in us and pitch and then begins again on another key or tone along the scale.  And up and up it goes through all the qualities of our being, through each layer.

I think that most important thing is to simply take the position that this thing is in charge.  It knows the drill, and has all the right connections to the universe.  We just need to follow, get out of the way as we can, and allow this miracle to take place.  Part of that, at least for me, is not to enshrine any knowledge as absolute.  What we think we know today can be changed by the little bit we learn tomorrow, which alters the landscape of today perhaps forever. What we think we know, which may actually be built on thousands of years old information could all be changed or seen to resolve into a different view by what we learn today. There is this odd sense in many minds that the really old stuff, its around because it has stood the test of time, so it MUST be on the mark.  And I think in many ways, yes, that is spot on. In other ways, I think it is NOT.  Jesus said we would do even greater things than he, and I like this because it feels realistic.  We will all help add to this bank of knowledge, and it will continue to evolve as out understanding of reality evolves. ALL reality.  The pulse that forms creation from the very start, not just the rolling out of worlds, but the seed within the seed that births worlds.  I know; sounds like I am on some serious drugs.  But I am not.  It just may seem out there, but its in HERE.  Here. In me. And if you don’t get it, don’t worry, you will have your turn.  When I was a teen I though my parents so didn’t know anything. There are higher mountains we will each climb, so why put a limit on knowledge by creating some kind of box for it.

The ancients say you cannot will not awaken kundalini unless you go through and cleanse the nadis in the body, the carries for the subtle energy that is kundalini. Right now there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people who are all experiencing spontaneous awakenings who have done little if any kundalini yoga, the method described as the way to instigate the energy to unwind and flow upwards.  I think if we simply observe how it works for us, keep records, we will have a body of knowledge that will help us to understand what may well become a process that happens to all humans on the planet.  Used to be awakenings happened to people in mid life.  That was the norm. Now there are 19 and 20 year olds who are grappling with this now.  It has been said it happens in mid life because you can’t deal with it so young. Well….I don’t think even that is so.  This is very much a human experience and does NOT belong only to the adults. Maybe we need people on the planet who awaken more early so they can have more years of useful service in this new way of being.   Might be this method of awakening young is how it is SUPPOSED to happen, a right of passage perhaps.  I think that is just as probable as the maturity idea. Or during puberty.  Or even sooner. Imagine a life shaped by this force….a brain whose synaptic connections are influenced by this nonlocal cosmic force….what kind of person emerges from the other side of that?

So up to the crown?  Probably many times.  My guess it could be seven layers.  It could be each layer has seven layers within it.   And each of those layers with seven even more subtle layers. there are said to be millions of chakras in the body, small ones all throughout the body.  When I read that a year ago it fit what I had observed about energy in reading auras.  We are a network of lines and vortices.  So they are like creeks that lead to rivers, and rivers that lead to a great ocean.  Seems reasonable to me.  I think, at least for me, I prefer not to make up my mind about all of this but remain on the edge of my seat and simply take notes and learn without prejudicing the outcome.  I think it is going to be great.

Curious what those who have had this think.  Or just think about it.  Me, I gotta go wire my studio for sound and I am wanting to hear how it all turns out….so I have to run.