The well known suite of movies that are known as the Matrix movies express a sense that all is not as it seems in a world where there are unfeeling, alien lifeforms feeding off of human energy and keeping them enslaved in an entirely illusory world.  These movies have touched a nerve and are also part of an emerging sense or awareness that things are not all as they seem.

For those who know them, the movies are quite violent.  Their means of moving from one scene to another is through great violence, through struggle, through epic battles.  The hero, Neo, is given the choice of awakening or going back to sleep.  He chooses to go down that rabbit hole and initiate a life changing experience.  When I had my awakening, these movies took on a very different gloss.  It raised a few eyebrows for me for how close some of the elements were.  And yet, like stories that come from people, they are also a mirror of all that the person writing them can hit upon or conceive.

But the Matrix movies do hit upon some themes that I do feel emerge out of a sense of something real, albeit in highly distorted fashion.  Consider for a moment that we are all actually seeing what is real in the world but that we see it through a mirror that is our own perception.  Our perception is determined by that mirror and sometimes, just as with a hall of mirrors, we can have mirrors that greatly distort what is there.  The information is actually all there, we are just seeing it as we are rather than as it is.  So my sense has been that even in cases where a religion or system of thought is highly distorted, it is also pointing to what is true and real, it is just doing it in the same way we all do it to some extent or another.

In the case of the Matrix, we were somehow put into a false reality by this machine world so it could feed off of us.  In truth, though, I think the more real story is that this world is  a creation, a projection of consciousness and will be whatever we make it to be, which is most often a reflection of ourselves.  It is a highly dynamic and interactive hologram that is alive, every particle itself alive.  the evil that feeds of of us in reality is our own dysfunction and distortion.  We realize in the end that the shadow of the machine world is really us, a part of us that we have not yet accepted or integrated and thus, in the way Carl Jung observed, is projected outward onto others as if it really were separate from us.  As a result of this distortion, these things impact the code of how the world works, and this is how we create our reality.  If we assume the worst, then we get the worst.  If we feel the worst, that is what is created.  All energy attracts something like itself a kind of counterpart.  But as we pull these subroutines out, the code, by its roots, what we are left with is something that is more right than wrong.  Less distortion and more clarity.  Then, bit by bit, the lens of perception changes and the world along with it.

The epic battle, though, if there is to be one, is with ourselves.

The problems that we have with the world are actually problems that we have within ourselves.  The lack that we feel is the lack we see in the world.  When we dissolve that lack, we open a door to something different.  Life changes.

There is this quote that comes from, I believe, Zen Buddhism, in which a student is talking to the master as they look out onto a pond.  The student describes how the pond has all of this scum on the surface that keeps him from seeing more deeply into the pond.  The teacher explains that the sum n the pond is actually the scum in his perception and that the pond will be clear if he removes this from within himself.  We just don’t always realize that what we think we see is what we feel that is inside of us and that we are projecting outward.  The lesson is in cleaning up our own inner space.  Then the lack of the world takes on a different hue or look.  It isn’t that we are just seeing through rosey glasses, it is that we are beginning to see what is there all along, and what is there all along is what we can be.

It seems like a riddle inside a riddle.  But it is a way to change the world.  Your world.  Worry about that one first, and then the rest will follow.  It seems things work best that way.  Otherwise, we are just always responding to the old backlog of information built up inside of us that makes us feel a certain way about life, about other people, and events.  It is all us.  In us.  It is not such an easy lesson to learn because it means abandoning things that you thought were important.  Do you really think that you will heal the world when you have  big chip on your shoulder?  What good do you think you will have when you are like that? Or is it perhaps better to heal that chip and then when you speak to people about saving the world, you are doing it in the highest possible vibration?  I thought I could help people, but I was always attracting people who were not ready completely.  In fact, my trying to help them served to rob them of their own sublime realization of just what it is that they are.  I had to learn to just let them go and be who they are.  I didn’t need to heal the broken birdies.  In fact, they were perfectly capable of doing that all on their own and my own hidden uncertainty that they would ever do that was actually bringing up a powerful vibration in their lives that only helped them to stay stuck.  Somehow, the greatest gift is in setting them free to be themselves.  Acceptance. That is one biggie for me.  And as I do that, healing begins in a much more authentic way.  And I too am also free to see more clearly what remains in the way.  The battle, if there is to be one, is with our own shadow machine world that does not feel.  Letting go of that and letting the healing begin within is the most powerful way to realize that the matrix is just what we make of it.

This is I do feel the return to Eden.  A return to a purer more natural place where good an evil are seen for what they are as two sides of the same coin and then transmuted.