Over the course of my awakening I have observed that releasing karmic material has taken a number of different paths.  There is a lot said about the way to go about it, but my experience has been that there are many ways.  Each way is used for different levels of material and how they are a part of you.  Issues that are more deeply shoved down will be different from issues that lay more at the surface or that are older ones.


One way, which is the way I have expressed recently here is what I experienced during the beginning stage of my awakening, which was that I played a role in releasing old blockages in my energy field.  This process was one where the presence of kundalini would reach a block and I would look at it, recognize it, and then kundalini would dissolve it.  It seemed that in this way, we worked in consort. This form of observation seemed to focus the force of kundalini and it also undid the block, which I suspect involved NOT feeling the emotion to begin with.  However, with kundalini, I did not have to relive the emotions, I simply had to recognize it, see it, then let it go and it was gone.  Energy would then move more freely through me and it would then be on to the next.  I suspect, based on experience, that the blocks in the beginning were the easier ones, and so the work was not that elusive or difficult.  I simply followed my intuition and what it was the Gnosis of awakening afforded me.


As I progressed through the many layers, and there are no doubt layers to all of this, the method changed somewhat.  Still, there was the same kind of arrangement of me being something of an observer, but this Observer role was even more neutral.  I suspect that this was necessary because of how hard some of the material was.  However, in a process that seemed entirely like magic, the process unfolded as though I was just along for the ride.  The block was released, there was a moment of recognition, and then it was gone.  Joy then radiated throughout the center that had been unblocked. For the harder issues that are deeper down a greater sense of neutrality was necessary.  We do not need to become enmeshed in a drama that is past in order to let it go, we simply have to be ready to forgive and let it go.  Who we forgive is ourselves.  That might not always seem correct, but realize that in all things energetic, whatever you are holding on to will create an attracting energy and the event itself lies in the past, which is now long gone.  What you have is how you FEEL.  Changing that is key.  You do not do this through some force of will, you do it through allowing yourself to flow and open. You allow yourself to feel differently, and this is not as easy as it seems. You can’t just tell yourself that you will feel differently, you find that feeling within.  It is a capacity that you have that you do not realize that you have.  You reach into it, sometimes blindly, but faithfully.  If you do this, with trust, your efforts will be more likely to be rewarded.


Finally, removing blocks can also involve allowing yourself to feel the old emotion as vividly as you can.  This, I have observed, has worked best with issues that are the freshest.  The older ones are easier to let slip away, but the newer ones are identified with more so with the ego, and it is this egoic identification that makes it harder to get rid of these blocks.  So by allowing yourself to feel the emotion in its fullest, by giving yourself fully to it without fear over how inappropriate it might be, you can work through it with ego in place.  the only alternative to my mind is allowing the hurt to “age” more which means waiting a long time.  Decades, perhaps even lifetimes.  I don’t think this is realistic or healthy especially if you have the means and opportunity to take care of it now.  Most often, we fear our feelings.  We also numb ourselves and we also shove the feelings aside or push them deeply down where they ferment into dysfunction and come up worse than before (thank you Freud and Jung).


You can do this in the same way that I did it not long ago when releasing some material that was relatively fresh.  I did not avoid letting myself just feel the emotion, I just kind of wallowed in it for a moment.  On this occasion, however, it lifted out of me and I could feel the energy leave.


Corresponding with all of this pent-up material is also the awareness of how it is connected to certain chakras.  Observe yourself over time whenever you reflect on a given hurt from the past and see if you feel any discomfort in certain parts of your body.  This discomforting effect may not arise immediately upon thinking of an old hurt, so keep observing how you feel in your body for a while.  This may  be minutes, it might be hours. But be alert and mindful of it.  Then, once you have an area where this discomfort arises, feel your awareness go into that area.  Feel yourself as though you have suddenly grown very small and are now climbing into that energy center, now looking all through it and out of it. How does it look?  Is it cold and dark or is it hot and inflamed?  Does it feel split?  Does it feel torn?  What words would describe how it feels or seems to you?  Then, depending on how it feels, apply the intent that you are going to heal that center.  If it feels dull and numb, imagine you are breathing new life into it in order that it can feel again.  If it feels torn, imagine that you are soothing it, perhaps slowly teasing away the strands that have caused it to feel so hurt.  You might imagine bringing the torn parts back and using the glue of love and compassionate understanding to bring it back into unity.  these forms of imaginative work can help to anchor a new feeling in those centers and can, over time, result in shifting how that center feels, which can also result in making the block dissolve or go away completely.

the thing about energy is that it is not entirely material.  Imagination, which we tend to downplay as not real, is made of the same stuff as energy and so it plays by all the same rules.  Use it.  It will work for you.  As you create new images, these images will begin to grow and take root in the centers where you have directed them.  You can heal in this way by taking one image and supplanting it with another.  Energy centers play by the same rules as you imagination and so they both are of a piece and work well together.  You heal the physical body with the things from the physical. You heal the energy body with things from the energy world.  As a result, there is not a way to do this kind of “work.”  If you can imagine it, then it will work.  Simply replace one feeling for another until the new feeling takes root. This is not far removed from affirmation work.  Affirmations will help you go from merely aping the words to actually feeling them.  There is a part of you which KNOWS what these affirmations mean even if you do not feel into them right away.  This can be a powerful way towards changing what you are and what you attract in life.  The key to this last method is simply allowing yourself to feel.  Choose to feel differently and it will become so with enough support and reinforcement.  By not being afraid of your feelings, you also face what may well be something not as formidable as you had thought.