Awakening is like the dream you dream
so real
full of magic
and life
and power.

As you awake,
as the world comes flooding back
you loose your grip on it
bit by bit
as you come back to your senses
and your senses tell you
the wonder was wonder
but not real
just a feeling
a marvelous dream
that transported you
to other worlds
which felt so real
yet your rational mind
says “not.”

Awakening is like this
except upon awakening
your senses do not slip down around you
but slip down away from you
as the inner master holds on
to that one slip of golden wonder
and does not let go of it
until it thickens
and builds
and grows into a flame
as the pages of waking
are turned to fire
and your life becomes
an epiphany
a dream
that does not end
but continues
and carries you on its new wings
on earth
as it is in heaven.

This is the secret of awakening.
You can point to all the magical movements
and breathing exercises
but my heart knows that THIS
is the sacred nexus of the divine within
and it has far more to do with the dreams
of children
who dare to dream of other worlds
that get carried into this one.

If you want to taste awakening
then carry your dream wonder
into waking
and in waking
you will know
just what I mean.