Before I knew what it was I had, that its name was awakening or kundalini, I observed how it was assisting me in releasing material from my energy body.  Now many years later I see that there is a very keen awareness about how we can assist in clearing blockages through movement and also from doing the “work” of releasing.


Anything that you have responded to that you have not resolved will remain in your energy field and will move into that part of your field that will match its vibration.  This is both positive and negative, so one area of the body wont house just the good stuff but rather will be like a double-sided coin.  Shadow and light.


The great advantage of kundalini is its stirring power.  It stirs your senses, it stirs your sensuality, it stirs you emotions, it stirs you mind, and it stirs your subconscious.  And this subconscious self, I contend, is merely the gateway to your higher self.  the more you can clear THAT field of blocks the more you will be in touch with your higher self and be able to utilize the language of the subconscious to communicate effectively between these seemingly different parts of yourself.


When kundalini does move and dislodges an old block, it can result in feelings of anxiety, even panic.  This, though, is itself like the cleansing effect when some bit of dirt is dislodged from the side of a giant vessel with clear water streaming into it.  This dirt clod will muddy the water for  a bit.  It can lead to scary dreams, a feeling of dis-ease, anxiety, and even physical pain.  It is not uncommon for people who have awakened to have so much seeming physical pain that they go to see a doctor.  All of this is the effect that kundalini can have on your energy body. The difference between a real physical malady and an energetic one is that most often, the doctor will find something either on a panel or in some other examination of your body to find the source.  It is always best to go see a doctor if you feel like you need to, but in time you may be able to identify the energetic effects from real physical effects. It can be a little tricky and needs to be approached with care.


When you do experience these shifts of clearings of material, it is not uncommon to feel a little off either before or after they clear. in my experience, I will feel a buildup of energy that feels negative in some way that just keeps building until something in me reaches a kind of threshold or break-through point.  I have observed that the less I try to make it happen, the more I just stand out of the way and let it pass, the easier all of this becomes. The ego and mind can latch onto the material in an unnecessary way, creating in my experience a hitch or docking point for the energy so it does not leave.  By putting so much attention on it, we can be subconsciously be asking it to stay without realizing it.  This can happen especially for people with strong separation anxiety or issues with abandonment.  In this case, what is abandoning you was that which you lived with, got used to, but now no longer need.  Being willing to entertain the possibility of just feeling differently about things can be helpful.


I like to cook and so when I think about this process I see it as though I am in the kitchen with these master chefs.  Trouble is, I am really into this stuff, but when I get into the act, I tend to get in the way more than helping.  So as I am there doing my best one chef grabs a stool, pats me on the head and asks politely if I wouldn’t mind sitting in the kitchen and just watch for a bit.  And so this works very well.  In fact, in the early days of my first energetic releases kundalini showed me the way to be in this process.  Kundalini would identify the block and my job was to simply LOOK at the block.  I might not even know what this block was.  This was an entirely immaterial process, aided only by a vivid imagination.  So I would create a kind of symbolic image of the block, which in this case were stones in a field.  Kundalini would lead me to the stone, I would pick it up, kiss it (blessing it) and then set it back down.  By my simple act of bringing awareness to its presence, the block was gone.  I had to acknowledge the block, but my job was not in removing it.  In the same way, my job was not to do the cooking in the kitchen, but to simply acknowledge what was taking place.  I had to now bring awareness into the moment, what I had not done when the block was first formed.  This was just what had made the block a block!  I had not allowed myself to FEEL the emotion but had instead pushed it down, ignored it, and there it festered and turned into something that was not good.

Now having said all of this, I take a lesson from this process in my life in the day-to-day and I allow myself to simply acknowledge my feelings and let them blow through me however I need to feel them.  I don’t hold back.  As a result of this, I have noticed that I am not creating anything new as a backlog to the old material kundalini is helping to dissolve.