When I awoke tantra awoke within me.  I was given keys to a kingdom.  I would learn that this energy, fire and water mixed, two ends of the universe brought together in my subtle field, were now powering a new engine of becoming.  Two wires from the cosmos twisted together, uniting the entirety of the universe.  This perhaps sounds a boast, but it is the only answer I can give, for I know through experience that what lies within me is without limit.  It is only the “I” that  serves to limit.  When “I” goes away, the sky explodes and the earth shakes.  You would not believe except that it must be true.

There is much said about tantra, all of it touches on tantra simply because of what tantra is.  But like those two wires now joined, it is everything that is made of this energy.  I must infer that the entire universe is built on this energy, subtle shifts and changes in its vibration.  It is why tantra is the lightening path to enlightenment.  It is so close to the divine.  It is the Gnostic bridal chamber, the Buddhist bliss, the Hindu nirvana.  I experience it as a flow because of who and what I am, not because of anyone or anything.  I have discovered a natural original state.  It pours through me like water, fire, entire deserts and oceans slip through me.  I do not identify any one grain, I let it all simply be.  The more I do that, the less I must grasp.  The less I grasp, the stronger it becomes.  The less I grasp, the more I know.  Some larger mind must take over to get it all.  “I” is simply to limited to do that.

But for me tantra is not about another, but the dance of the divine within.  The cup has been emptied by awakening.  Cracks have been made in the facade, the walls came tumbling down.  the glue that holds it together, this is tantra.  Each stone was reused, but by kundalini’s hand did I follow and replace each stone.  The work continues.  But it is in acknowledging imperfection that I embrace what is perfect and no worries arise about tomorrow or now or yesterday.  The bliss, orgasmic, flows stronger and deeper as a result.  The more I let go, the stronger it becomes.  Not because of anything, not for someone or something.  Simply because of what I realize, what I am.  What I am is what you are, what the neutrino is, the river, star, and soul. Not above, beyond anything.  What everything is.  If you ever thought there was something more, that thins weren’t entirely right….some secret lay between the pages of your life, then some distant memory in you was most likely pondering this.

That does not satisfy most who must have an object for it.  Something to grasp outside of themselves….a person, place, a THING.  But this is a thing that so not a thing that it is all.  What do you think the all  will change you.  Tantra is troublesome since tantra is a lightening path and not all can traverse its bolts of light in an even manner.  I suspect that the pairing must be born of heaven’s most perfect grace for this to be.  For centuries we have been paired based on karmic attraction, an attraction that utterly escapes most people since the attraction seems to be THE thing.  Grasping, it says we are less than perfect and need something to complete us.  Once all grasping stops, grace begins.  Once grace fills you, changes you, heals you, perhaps the road to another may open.  But this wonder is so great that turning from the old way is itself a wonderful mercy.  Just to know yourself as this incredibly beautiful being inhabited as it is with the presence of two such adorned lovers, showing you the way to something better.  Just in who you are is the secret to tantra.  Be nothing less than what you are deeper down.

Until then, tantra is used for all manner of purposes, to achieve a goal, to come closer to a lover, to heal the heart, to still the mind, to soften the body and renew the self.  Instead of a need to release, tantra becomes a building of orgasmic potential.  This grows ever higher and builds and tumbles through old thresholds as fear is cast out.  For those whose potential for building this energy is high, great fear can be felt in others.  It tears down the old barriers, it is just what it does.  This can be very hard for people who are not ready.  And to be sure, tantra is not something to be taken lightly if you are to tread its path powerfully.  You must go by grace or else lust will only remain.  For generations, this has been how it has been.  Tantra has not always been given the opportunity to raise people high enough to know its amazing potential.  I cannot tell you what you do not already know, for you would simply not believe it.  In not believing, you would be lost and assume what is itself not correct.  It is only through direct transmission that we each find the essence of tantra, and this transmission comes directly through our core and unites with the rest of everything.  The union comes when we cease grasping for something outside and grasp the infinite within.  Here, the two elements of yin and yang are merged in the light body.  Here, the engine of creation begins.  It does not seem to need to ever stop, and will build as high as your “I” can stand.  the more you build it, the more it rebuilds you.  As this happens, there is more room for grace.  So now walk out into the world and do what you feel is yours to do, mundane things achieved, done, eggs cooked and tea made.  All while trembling on the verge of explosion, but never exploding.  Each explosion, frozen in time as it builds in potential.  This, for me, is the tantric path.