Is it possible that the virgin Mary was schooled in Egypt or in the manner of the mystic traditions of Kabbala or the Mystery schools in Egypt?  It is described that Mary, as a small child, was allowed into the Holy of the Holies, a place that ONLY the priest was allowed into and only once a year.  While people say that this was because Mary was to be the mother of the incarnation of God on earth, I wonder whether they knew that Mary was going to be the one at such an early age?  Could it be that Mary was herself blessed with an openness to the mysteries of awakening herself?

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It is curious to find that St Austin (c. 380) asserted that it was generally known in church circles that Rabbi Jesus had been initiated in Egypt, and that “he wrote books concerning magic.”  This was at the earliest period of the forming of the Church by Emperor Constantine.  Curious, also, is how Jesus’s uncle also named Joseph (or Arimathea) was a wealthy tin merchant.  The center of the tin trade were tin mines in Cornwall, a stones throw from The center of the Druid universe, now known as Glastonbury, but which sports an ancient site called the Tor, a seven-ringed hill with a phallic stone sitting atop it.  Curious, because Jesus may well have been taken to this area of the country after the death of his father , Joseph, and could well have had contact with the Druids.  Sound far-fetched?   Curious that the Druids have a word in their language which is most amazingly, Yeshua, which is one of the names used for Jesus.

Before this, however, Jesus was taken as a small child to Egypt to flee from Herod’s desire to stamp out what he may have perceived as an heir to his throne when he ordered all male children two years and under to be killed.  Egypt.  Home to the Mystery schools.  In one Gnostic text it describes Jesus as having been back in Israel by age 12 or so, with people in his family wanting to marry him off.  It describes how Jesus then took off, following the spice routes toward India because he would have none of this.

Curiouser, still, are scrolls in Tibet that describe a man who had come from the middle east whose name was Issa.  This Issa had been crucified and had a wife named Mary. A book was written about these scrolls, which the author was allowed to view.  In them, many of the same things that Jesus had espoused this Issa espoused.  It is interesting to note that the name for Jesus in the Muslim world is Issa.  The Russian scholar, Nicolai Notovich, was the first to bring forth compelling evidence that Christ may have gone to India. In 1887, Notovich, was a Russian scholar and Orientalist and spent time in Kashmir during which he made his discovery of the scrolls about Issa. It was at the Zoji-la pass that Notovich was a guest at a  monastery  where a monk told him of the bodhisattva named  “Issa”. Notovitch was amazed at the similarities of this bodhisattva and Jesus.

It may well be that the history of the earliest Christians was different from the history that we know.  Some of the facts may not be absolutely confirmed, but there are some very tantalizing clues that have managed to escape the censorship that took place all across Europe and all of Christendom.  This censorship involves the burning of Torahs and the destruction of many books which were said to have contained stories about Jesus which were not part of the then-mainstream offerings of what was accepted.  There is a lot of interesting deviations that occur that lend credence to the Gnostic texts as being attributed to Jesus, for example. At the  Fatehpur Sikri, which is near the Taj Mahal, there are stones that have inscriptions on them called ‘Agrapha’ that are the words of Jesus and which are most like the words written in the Gospel of Thomas, a Gnostic text discovered in Nag Hammadi in 1945.  It is also known that reincarnation was known in the early Christian circles, that it was edited out of the Bible at the behest of Constantine’s wife, we are told, because she did not like the idea of having to come back again.  Many of Jesus’s teachings parallel the Hindu tradition quite closely, and yet through all of the efforts of suppressing only the “right” version, much of this information has been hard to get at, but it does exist.

When you consider that the Church came forward and formally announced that Mary Magdalene was herself NOT a prostitute, but had been so labelled in order to downplay her role or influence in Jesus’s life, you have to wonder what else there is that remains not entirely true?  And if truth is truth, then this truth is not the domain of any one religion or school of thought.  Some things can exist in the same way as gravity; entirely free from any need to build a dogma around them.  Even the subject of resurrection, I suspect, was not well understood.  Yes, it is entirely possible that Jesus WAS crucified, but there is also evidence that suggests that Jesus was involved in an initiation process that involved fasting in order to attain a type of resurrection of the spirit which was called “twice born,”  The Gnostics describe this very well by explaining that its as THOUGH you are alive but not fully living, as if you are dead, and then the next moment, your body becomes more alive than it had ever been, making your old life seem more like a death than any kind of life that you know now.

This explains how awakening is quite well.  The Hindus call it kundalini.  it is not the province of any discipline or religion, but is a very human experience.  However you seek to explain it, capture it, parse or describe it, it is a wondrous experience which opens the doors to a form of salvation of the spirit in that it gives you a powerful opportunity to make substantive change that may have eluded you. It does this by rewarding you when you remain aligned and “punishing” you when you are not.  As you learn how to remain aligned, bliss pours through you in a way that quite simply is like liquid fire.  This is not for the feint of heart, for this path is that of riding a powerful wave that can lead you into the dark or into the light.  After all, this is all of what we are, and it is up to us what we choose.  We are human, but we are seeking to be more than that.  Awakening is the ticket that begins the journey into what is called the bridal chamber, the Holy of Holies.  It is not a place save that it dwells within you…