I know it is so unspiritual to speak in terms of success and failure when it comes to spiritual stuff.  Perhaps it is all relative; people certainly do have different comfort levels and so can endure endless suffering whilst gobbling it up as filet mignon.

I once was there, so I can report honestly.

On another issue I can report on is the consort of awakening that sometimes gets overlooked in the flurry of the energy and the new things and new discoveries.  For some, there is an inability to own their experience.  Whatever it is, past or present or potential future, they shrink back from it and make it someone else’s fault.  In order for this to happen, often, the victim projects outward what is in reality inward.  I am not excusing the actions of others who have hurt or abused others, but I can tell you from experience that I have had these poor victims lie about their experience in order to draw power from their powerlessness.  There is something so delicious in getting attention from others when we claim such helplessness and lack of responsibility.  The victim energy or frame of mind is a tough one to get out of because it is so circular and also because it makes such startling claims.  In order for the victim to remain the victim, there has to be someone who has victimized them.  But also in order for a person to be identified, the victim needs to remain in a less than responsible state of mind and heart so that they can later seek abdicate their responsibility in their lives as their lives were happening.  There is no weaker place for us to be in spiritually than this, for it is a fundamental misalignment with what we truly are deeper down.  When you see the soul in others, you will know what I mean.  The soul is limitless, unbounded from any time or place or any one reality.  It is itself connected to all other things and since it is not in time, it has access to all things.  This is perhaps why the Hindus speak of how God is within.  Certainly this is so, once you touch upon it.  How then is it that we have accepted this great lie that we are anything but this?  Well, there are reasons plenty I suppose, but its all a sad state of affairs, I am afraid.  Sad, that we have systems of belief that do anything less than honor the truth of our own sovereign being.

You can’t achieve great strides in awakening by pulling away from the very essence of who you are.  By becoming the victim, you pull away from your own truth, from your own authentic spiritual power, and you seek to make other people responsible for how you feel, how you respond, think and act.  If you really look closely at victims, they say someone MADE them feel a certain way, that the reason why they feel a certain way is because of someone who did something (or failed to do something).  Well, really, the truth is, they chose to respond to something in their lives which led to their sense of hurt or dissatisfaction.  No one MAKES you feel a certain way.  You CHOOSE.  This is your power peeking through into your life, and this power is what is true and empowering about YOU. When you can OWN how you feel and what you feel, you are being honest with yourself.  You are seeing and accepting HOW you feel and HOW you respond to others instead of pushing it off on “that was how I was raised, I just can’t help it” or “I get angry because of the anxiety and turmoil that was in my family growing up” or any number of things.


I can give you startling examples of just how deep this denial can be, how events are turned on their heads to fit what someone who needs them to fit a certain way will turn them for their deep need to remain where they are.  I have seen this all play out in vivid 3-D Technicolor in my life at one time or another, and it is not pretty.  It is sad, sad for the fact that this act is itself a misuse of energy, and breeds more just like it.  It sells well because of the drama that attracts others like moths to a flame, but it does not speak to our deeper truth as gods in the making.  Instead, we prefer to swath ourselves in distortion to fit a view of ourselves that the Buddhists call illusion. For those who know me, I don’t like the word illusion, although it has become a catch phrase that many know and seem to understand.  Myself, I think it is far more accurate to say that this is a creation.  We chose it, we fashioned it, and it is ours.  Eventually, the result of that energy will unravel around us as we ascend and it will fall away.  With it, though, will come the unravelling of a creation that may have been lifetimes in the making, a carefully maintained garden full of briars and other brambles that catch us in dramatic moments instead of showing us the dewy brilliance lying beneath the harsh tumble that was once our lives.


When we become radically responsible for our thoughts and feelings, healing is not far behind.  When we face our divine truth, which lies in each and every single particle, within each and every person, leaf, and frog, we will reach a very simple place that is not predicated on postures, teachings or way to be.  We will simply KNOW how to be, and this knowing will infuse and inform everything that we do.  But until we remove the dross of the past, this dross is destined to keep us prisoner.  It is curious how we, all of us humans, often prefer the cage of our own prison than the freedom of this new day.  So perhaps we coax ourselves out bit by bit as the very light of this new day reforms us, moves us into that divine alignment that is so sure and clear once we reach into it.  Perhaps we have simply become addicted to our old prisons and just don’t realize just how much better things are out in the light of day.  Maybe we fear what we have been, that we will be embarrassed once the bright light of day lands squarely upon us.  Perhaps we simply fear the unknown.  But a curious thing happens when we do reach into the new; it no longer is the unknown.

People will always seek to see you as they are.  Only you will know who you are deeper down.  You know, you do, and life will conspire to bring you there if the desire is in you to find this place.  It will just happen.  Amazing things will take place, odd little coincidences, sometimes amazing ones.  Miracles, even. But here is where more of these things take place because you are now treading on the ground of the sacred.  YOU are this sacred thing.  Together, we will each change the vibration of the energy here (however we each go about it).  I think that is something worth working towards.