People talk

they speak to our worst of fears



and you believe them

because you have given them

something precious of yourself.

There is power

and powerlesness

in just such a moment

and it has turned as the world has turned

but not with anyones say so except your own.

In just one moment

at the end of this one breath

a new world can open its tender bud

within your heart

as the universe shows you a better way

where words are just words

not meant to wound or direct

but just what they are

as they are

for what they are.

This is a giant leap to make

a simple step that does not halt or falter

nor does it seem different from any other step taken upon the dust of earth.

No longer do the nay sayers touch your heart

for their nays are made for them

not for you.

This has been how it has always been

but we all look out past our own garden

and think the brambles of another somehow better

or somehow involve is

concern us

when in truth they do not

even when they say they do.

Everything that they say is meant for them

is of them

and reflects deeply within them.

In the end

all turns and moves back to this vast ocean

where all is one

and all is forgiven

for we were all never really separate

but did try to say we were

even when we weren’t.

It was in our forgetting

that we trued to make something that it was not

so if I can offer you a glimmering slice of solace

no one can know you or be you except you

and everything else is a guess

a reflection from another into another

and the only true way to reach anyone at the highest point or place of truth

is in your own truth.

It is up to you dearest of hearts

to find this path

not through others

but yourself

without so much as a single concern

for the bruising tumble of words that some pay us


and even hurtfully.

They will never know the greatness swelling up within you

or the rest of us

and must be left to their work

even if it means having forgotten the great kingdom

and ransom offered to their souls.

From darkened eyes and hearts

they can only cry of false prophets

and empty words

they believe they hear you speak.

For no one came to ransom

but to shine their own light just as brightly as they could

so that we might remember,

so that we might lift our own voice in thanksgiving and wonder

finding it while no one was looking

just for each of us

for there lies the path to the eternal

in each bud bursting open

in the realization that all is day

and all is wonder

but not through others

but through ourselves





so that from that place

we might not bruise or injure

but honor and respect

the great sacred wheel

which turns in us all.

What has been


but what shall be

is incomprehensible

lest you alone

become the knower

of this great secret

that is you

and the infinite.